About Kojiya

We have always been committed to offering high-quality cornerstones of traditional Japanese cuisine, including miso, soy sauce and Japanese spirits, and making the most of the innate flavors of a wide variety of fresh ingredients.
In addition to our close relationships with annual ceremonies, it is our mission to cherish Japanese dining culture, with its expressions of natural beauty and seasonal change, through the traditional dishes we offer.
In addition, the first part of our name, "Chiso," with its connotations of bustling effort and a galloping horse, embodies our commitment to hospitality.
Long ago, we would set off on horseback to hunt and harvest, sparing no effort to prepare meals for our guests. Today, we also spare no time and effort in creating the dishes we offer. We cherish the true meaning behind the idea of "Chiso" and do our best every day to offer true hospitality.

Koji Cuisine

We are committed to our traditional koji dishes and delivering flavors that embody the essence of the fresh seasonal ingredients and thankfulness for the bounty of nature.
Our Shio Koji and Green Onion Grilled Jidori Chicken, made with our homemade shio koji, brings you soft and juicy meat perfectly prepared to feature a rich, savory flavor. Dishes such as Cream Cheese Saikyo-zuke Sweet Miso Marinated Fish and Saikyo Miso Pudding also await our guests.



Our owner personally visits Tsukiji Market each day, using a connoisseur's eye cultivated over many years of experience to select the freshest fish and vegetables for the season.
We also possess a strong commitment to the quality of our miso, soy sauce and koji, the cornerstones of traditional Japanese cuisine, paying equal attention to delivering the true flavors of the season and eye-catching presentation in the wide variety of dishes we prepare.



We feature a selection of wines and Japanese spirits carefully selected for their ability to pair with our dishes.
We offer approximately 15 types of Japanese spirits and 20 varieties of wine.
Enjoy the sheer bliss of a delicious drink paired with delicious food.



Chiso Kojiya Located five minutes on foot from Shirokanedai Station.
"Chiso Kojiya" is a Japanese restaurant nestled in an alley just off of Platinum Street.
We offer the "true deliciousness" of traditional Japanese cuisine as well as true Japanese hospitality.
*Prices do not include tax.

Koji Kaiseki
Course Meal:
7,500 JPY

※An example of a menu

Seasonal Appetizer Plate
Clear Soup, Scallop Cakes, Ebi-imo
Fresh Fish (delivered daily)
Yellowtail Teriyaki
Lightly Deep-Fried Pacific Cod
and Tofu with Nori Seaweed Paste
Duck Stew
Crab and Salmon Roe Rice Bowl,
Red Miso Soup, Pickled Vegetables
Smooth Saikyo Miso Pudding
Seasonal Sherbet
  • 馳走麹屋
  • 馳走麹屋
  • 馳走麹屋


A Truly
Japanese Atmosphere

We offer tables in individual rooms where guests dine in a relaxed environment.For parties of four, our "Takekago" room, completely separated from the main venue with a door, is particularly popular.
The large windows feature latticed screens, and guests can watch the chefs at work through the gaps.
For parties of six or more, we offer a room complete with an antique latticed door.
It is the perfect venue for entertaining important guests and celebrating the special times in your life.

馳走 麹屋


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1F Shirokanedai Tiny, 5-14-8 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours
11:30 am-2:30 pm (last call: 2:00)
5:30 pm-11:00 pm (last call for food: 10:00, last call for drinks: 10:30)
Number of seats
Private booking
Available by the room (two 2-4-person rooms, one 2-6-person room and one 5-10-person room)
Cards accepted
*Payment by card not available during daytime hours